Godhong Gedhang Restaurant

Godhong Gedhang is Ayom Java Village’s semi-outdoor restaurant with a partial ‘floating’ dining area--that can host up to 22 people at one time. Open every day from 10.00 am -10.30 pm for guests, culinary adventurers, and gastronomes, the restaurant offers an authentic selection of traditional dishes from Solo (Surakarta)--alongside some International menu.

Tease your palate with our well-known Bakmi Jawa, made from our Javanese signature noodle, mustard greens and chicken--that is traditionally enjoyed by the locals during lunch or Ayam Sar Gede, local fried chicken we handpicked from a famous traditional market, Pasar Gede. We also serve Wedang Uwuh—traditional drinks made of secang roots and ginger--believed by the locals to give warmth.

We also planted some herbs and spices around AJAVI and freshly-picked some for your food and beverages. Our lemongrass herbal drink, for instance, is made using the lemongrass you can find in our garden.

Godhong Gedhang also carries some of the most popular traditional ‘street food’ from Solo in our restaurant. Collaborating with local roadside stalls where the well-known delicacies like Klepon, Serabi, Gethuk, Ketan Putih, and Cenil originate, we are humbled to offer you a chance in relishing these culinary delights.

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