About Ajavi

About Ayom Java Village (AJAVI)

Ayom Java Village (AJAVI) is a compound of sustainable villas in Solo, Central Java—designed to provide a genuine, authentic, and comfortable experience of living in a Javanese Karawitan village. It is built according to the philosophy of Javanese karawitan—known as the oldest forms of musical tradition in Javanese society that carries social, moral, and spiritual values.

AJAVI is meant to be a sanctuary for guests who would like experience the sacred tunes of Javanese Karawitan and take part in its conservation efforts; accompanied by the locals who live by its wisdom and guidance.

In AJAVI, we believe in offering a responsible, genuine, and authentic way of experiencing a destination and its traditional musical wisdom Karawitan; as well as contributing to the well being of the place, its nature, and its people.


Our History

We believe that each place has its own spirit. It is the place, the environment, the culture, and the people that guide us to adopt the value of the place, to follow its way of life, and its way of nature.

Where AJAVI stood, this value is one brought by Javanese traditional music tradition, Karawitan.  As the oldest form of musical tradition in Javanese society, we believe that Karawitan carries a set of wisdom and guidance that is essential to living a good life harmoniously with others--and with the environment.

It is our dream to build and grow sustainable Javanese village in Solo according to the wisdom of its local musical tradition--supporting its positive impact on the local economy, cultural preservation, and the environment.