Dolan Solo

Apart from being dubbed as the world's capital city of gamelan, Solo is also a city of dance performing art. Dance studios mushroom everywhere and are actively joined by both children and adults. For culinary adventurers, breakfast, lunch or dinner in Solo presents its own adventure: from selat solo, satay buntel, to nasi liwet, and not to mention the traditional snacks sold in the local markets. Creativity stems from the local culture in Solo. There are various arts and cultural festivals being held in the city, and tourism becomes the main platform to introduce the local culture--one of which is through hospitality.

In Ayom Java Village (AJAVI), more than just staying in a compound of Javanese traditional houses called 'limasan'--surrounded by its Javanese village atmosphere, you are also being invited to get in touch with the Javanese culture. It's not merely about getting you to enjoy the culture, but also to learn about it from our architecture, our room decor that features some cultural elements, our cultural art performances, our dishes, to our signature Javanese hospitality. 

We believe that culture not only needs to be preserved; but also needs to be embodied in a variety of creative ways. Tourism is not an exception. People may think of us as an inn or a place to stay, but we think of AJAVI as your initial destination to get to know Solo. To give you a better taste of who we are,

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