Nuptial House

Surrounded by lemongrass shrubs, our glass nuptial house stood at the central part of our village complex.

Well-lit, spacious, and breezy with a high semi-transparent ceiling and walls--as well as the sparkle of the swimming pool in the background--our nuptial house is the perfect place for wedding couples wanting a private and intimate wedding ceremony in a natural setting.

The structure takes shape of a Limasan traditional house--that symbolizes the protection over those underneath its roof, and can hosts up to 15 people.

In Ayom Java Village, you can also experience the many stages and ceremonies of traditional Javanese wedding preparation if you wish. From ratus or the feminine ‘fogging’ ceremony to having your own Karawitan wedding composition, we’ll be happy to show you how the locals approach these traditional wedding rituals and explain the philosophy behind each one.

Feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to tell you more about some authentic experiences you can have in Ayom Java Village for your wedding day!