Massage Treatments

Customized Full Body Massage. Massage the way you like it! Let our therapist know which areas of your body you would like (or would like not) to be massaged on the pressure that you prefer. Our therapists will use firm finger and palm pressure and our signature oil to ease away all bodily tension.
Full Body Massage 30’ - Rp135,000

Full Body Massage 60’ - Rp195,000
Full Body Massage 90’ - Rp240,000

Full Body Massage 120’ - Rp330,000


Foot Massage/Reflexology. This massage focus on your feet and your lower leg.
The treatment will apply gentle but firm pressure to bring a state of relaxation for you, and rejuvenate your energy.
Foot Massage / Reflexology 30' - Rp90,000

Foot Massage / Reflexology 60' - Rp135,000


Signature 4 hand Massage (2 Therapists). This treatment will give you the ultimate relaxation in a shorter period of time as it is done by 2 therapists
Signature 60' - Rp405,000
Signature 90' - Rp600,000


Ayun Wellness & Spa is currently the #1 Spa and Wellness in Solo and Central Java on Trip Advisor. We look forward to welcoming you at our compound to enjoy our exquisite spa treatment in a tranquil atmosphere.

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Ayun Wellness & Spa at Ayom Java Village, as the name implies, is the ‘supporter of kindness’ for your body, treating it gently according to our ancestor’s traditional body care rituals. You can experience complete body care treatment using natural ingredients in our treatment rooms equipped with jacuzzi and sauna room. If you’re in need of a little stretch, Ayun Wellness & Spa open for yoga classes held every week.