Sasangka Pendhapa

Said to be one of the oldest forms of Javanese musical traditions, Karawitan music is still widely embraced as an integral part of Javanese culture, celebrations, and ceremonies today.

Every day, our open pavilion (pendhapa) carries the mystical & melodious Karawitan tunes played by local Karawitan artists. You are always welcome to experience the way Karawitan music soothes your soul, find out about the sound each Karawitan instrument makes, or even learn to play those instruments.

The pendhapa of Ayom Java Village is a vibrant and open space--not designed solely for performances--but also as a shared commonplace for local communities to practice Karawitan music, traditional singing (nyindhen), traditional shadow puppetry (wayang),and dancing. As you're spending some time in our pendhapa, you may also bump into some students from The Art Institute of Indonesia (Institut Seni Indonesia) or Karawitan vocational high school (Sekolah Menengah Karawitan Indonesia), and some local community who are honing their skills here.

If you have always been interested in folk music or other local musical traditions, we would be happy to hear from you as well. Either you'd like to learn more about Karawitan or curious about how you can 'marry' your local musical tradition with a taste of Karawitan, our pendhapa is welcoming you with an open heart. Feel free to drop us an email
[email protected]

Oh, a little secret: at times, during your stay, you might also meet some local or even national Karawitan maestros playing their beautiful composition from our pendhapa!